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Acupuncture and Natural medicine in Dieppe, NB

Acupuncture and Natural medicine in Dieppe, NB

Acupuncture and Natural medicine in Dieppe, NBAcupuncture and Natural medicine in Dieppe, NB

Bio and Education

About Jackie

Jackie began her journey into healthcare at the University of Moncton with a D.S.S (Pre-Med) and a B.Sc. (Biochemistry/Psychology). She then started her career as a Pharmaceutical Rep and for 23 years, held various positions within the industry, learning the ins and outs of conventional medicine, specializing mainly in cardiovascular disease. She finished her career as a Clinical Science Specialist in Nephrology with Genzyme for 7 years. 

As a busy wife to an amazing husband and mother to a beautiful daughter and wonderful son, she yearned for more...more family time, more health and more healing. After asking the universe to get her off the road, it responded royally by giving her 4 car accidents in 4 months!!! It is then that her real journey into health began! 

She began with a Healing Touch course, hoping to find some form of pain relief and had her first huge aha moment as to what true healing could be! She then began to study all she could in natural healing, earning the title "certificate junkie" from her husband ;)

Jackie became a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.) and also earned her Doctorate in Natural Medicine (DNM) in 2010. She received her n.d. with APNN in 2010. She became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2009. She studied CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release from 2006-2012 with the Upledger Institute, studied Zero Balancing in 2013-2014, and became certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy in 2012. She studied CFQ Qigong from 2008, became an Instructor in 2010 and although no longer teaching CFQ continues to lead a regular practice. group. 

Her most recent achievement has been to become a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) in 2016 and a Certified Healing Touch Instructor (CHTI) in 2017 with Healing Beyond Borders. 

Jackie is also the current President of MARA, the Maritime Association of Registered Acupuncturists (since 2015).